COVID-19 Digital Lesson Templates

These templates were created to support my own school, so you will see specific terms/verbiage being used to match what our students are used to seeing and hearing. Adjust these templates to work for you!

A large concern of ours (as with most schools right now) has been surrounding supports for our Students with IEPs and Multi Lingual Learners (MLL). These templates incorporate many suggested supports for students who need them - but let's be serious, most of those supports are just good teaching for all. Especially with the disadvantage of simply not being in the same room as all of our learners, my opinion is that we should accommodate all student work, and then obviously continue to modify work further for students who need larger supports.

I hope you are able to use at least one thing here. Remember: This is not permanent. We are all learners right now. Progress is always greater than perfection.


Supports considered in this template:

  • Brightened lines with clearly colored sections and large page breaks
  • Dedicated sections for establishing key vocabulary terms, definitions
  • Dedicated section for establishing key points and skills intended to be gained in lesson
  • Checks for Understanding throughout each section
  • Appropriate font styling for digital focused activities
  • Segment completely dedicated to spiraling previous knowledge
  • A checklist for additional accommodations to think through as each individual teacher is creating their lesson

(Google Slides)

(Google Slides)

Joy building activities USING SLIDES

Execution note: Create a new slide for each student, and make sure you assign this as "every student can edit" so they can all work on the same deck -- no point in assigning a different copy to everyone :)