Learn to Fly

Learn to Fly

Tandem Instructional Flights - Experience the thrill of soaring like a bird. Want to give someone a thrill of a lifetime? Let a USHPA certified tandem instructor take you for a flight.

Solo Lessons - Learn how to fly a paraglider on your own. We recommend taking a tandem instructional flight first before pursuing solo instruction.

Tandem Instructors

Chris McKeage 209-304-5489 chriscolleen(at)hotmail.com

Ryan Kern 310-221-1862 oldkern(at)gmail.com

Solo Instructors

Kimberly Phinney 707-508-5431 info(at)whiteowlpg.com http://www.whiteowlpg.com


List of paragliding instructors in other parts of Oregon