Grizzly Mountain


Grizzly is a 5,700' mountain located west of Prineville, Oregon and just east of the Pine Ridge area - the eastern most launch in the Crooked River Airpark. The launch area is below the antennas, facing south with about 2,000' vertical over Hwy 26. The site can be strong, unforgiving and, without a climb, result in tree complications. Additionally, the two bumps in front of launch can cause rotor and therefore it is best utilized as a hike and fly site in light winds. It is not recommended for ridge soaring and an experienced site guide is recommended. All of the surrounding land is forested and private, so please make sure you use the designated LZ.

Risk Mitigation

  • Grizzly is an uninsured/unregulated flying site
  • USHPA membership and P-3 rating recommended
  • Maximum wind speeds 15 mph
  • Maximum gust factor 5 mph

Landing Zone

The landowner Mr. Powell has passed away so the status of the landing zone is uncertain as of April 2018. The Landing Zone (44°25′33.00″N 120°58′49.13″W) is the pasture west of the Powell residence at 14001 NW Grizzly Mt Rd. Prineville, OR 97754.


From the Madras/Prineville Hwy (26) turn onto Grizzly Mountain Rd. Go 1. 1 miles to take a left on a gated dirt road (# 14001) and park at the Powell house. Please do not block their driveway. They are friendly to pilots so knock on the door and see if they're home and see if they're OK with you landing in the pasture. If so, head right around the house to the pasture, making sure to close all gates since they have horses. There's a good place to hang a windsock at the NW corner of the pond in back. Make note of the surrounding fences and powerlines that border the property.

Site contacts

Chip Miller

Wade Holmes