Imagine this picture

You are out with your mates having a good time, you haven't been out drinking in a while but you try and keep up with them, going from bar to bar...... suddenly you wake up cold and wet propped up in a shop doorway and your friends are nowhere to be seen.

This scene is played out in towns and cities all over the UK every Friday and Saturday night. I have seen people try and bundle unconscious friends into taxis so they can go back into the nightclubs. We have seen vulnerable women left in the care of complete strangers because their mates didn't want to ruin a night on the lash.

The aim of this campaign is to encourage people to take responsibility for their mates and make sure that everyone gets home safely. Lets not turn into a government statistic.

Before you go out....

All of these tips come from what my medical staff have been told by stranded revelers

"Nobody will answer their phone" - "I don't have money for taxi" - "My phone is dead"

  1. Ensure you have someone at home with their phone on who knows where you are going.
  2. Put enough money aside for a solo taxi journey back home.
  3. Charge your phone before you go out, or carry a charging pack.

When you are out...

  1. Keep in contact with your friends.
  2. Check your phone for messages every 30 minutes.
  3. Text rather than phone each other if you get separated.
  4. If you hook up with someone let the others know where you are.
  5. If you decide to leave with somebody send a selfie of you and the person you have left with to your mates.
  6. If one of the group gets too drunk to continue agree on someone to leave with them to #getyourmateshomesafely
  7. Don't get into unlicensed taxis.

When you get home....

  1. Put your mate to bed on their side, that way if they vomit they are less likely to choke.
  2. Check on them regularly
  3. If you get worried open their airway, put them in the recovery position and call 999

Opening an airway

Recovery position

Please don't leave your mates for someone else to deal with, There are organisations such as the Street Pastors, Street Angels, and SOS bus who do an excellent job to help with vulnerable people late at night. please help ease the pressure on them.

Remember, the last person your mate was seen with was you, if anything bad happens to them, it will be you that has to answer the difficult questions.

our supporters

wolverhampton BID, wolverhampton #Safernights