Derby Sax Quartet

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Derby Sax Quartet

The Derby Sax Quartet is available for hire to add a musical highlight to your event. We are happy to provide music for weddings, birthdays, parties, corporate events and any other occasion that requires musical accompaniment.

Due to its versatility, the Derby Sax Quartet can create that special atmosphere provided by

live music

We can supply classical pieces suitable for wedding ceremonies as well as popular tunes and jazz for background music. We can also perform modern works, swing and rock for more upbeat occasions. In fact, whatever your musical requirements, the flexibility of the Quartet means that we can fit around your event to help to make it a memorable occasion.

The Derby Sax Quartet was formed in 2008 by a group of experienced sax players who have played together in a wide variety of settings, ranging from big bands to classical ensembles. The quartet was formed to provide an exciting and flexible ensemble that is able to perform a wide and flexible repertoire suitable for any occasion.