Parking & Particulars


Prom will be held at First & Central Presbyterian Church, 1101 N. Market St. Wilm. 19801.

Parking Downtown: UPDATE! BPG ROCKS!

We had an incredible offer from BPG The Buccini/Pollin Group on parking! They have offered FREE parking to Pride Prom Attendees at Lot B on 12th and Orange. It is an open lot (not a garage) and we will have signs helping you out.


A church?

A church. For some, this might be alarming. We don't blame you. The Church has done a lot of harm to the queer community (and as a queer pastor writing this, I know too well the harm). Yet, the Church also has tons of people who support trans rights, who fought for marriage equality, and who believe wholeheartedly in queer lives.

Rest assured, there will be no religious talk, no prayer, persuading, holy rolling, or anything like that--just a regular dance, food, DJ, and Instagramable ops.

This event is the queer community of Delaware and the Church coming together for no other reason than to give queer students and their allies a welcoming environment and a great night.

If you have concerns about any of this, please reach out to us on our various social media.