Project 1999

Department of Fun

The Department of Fun is a loose coalition of players formed to support player-run events as well as provide a home to those who strongly prefer to socialize and assist others rather than raid. Although DoF has an in-game guild tag, it is not necessary to be tagged to be a member.

How To Join

Participation in events is open to all players on the server! If you wish to contribute via donations of gear to the grab bag, you may contact Sorn via the forums (name: Sorn) or in-game (toons: Tadhg, Gladoree, Dadian, Sornn).

To get the guild tag in-game, you must gain approval from Sorn or be vouched for by other current and active DoF members. It's best to get to know the other members by volunteering at events or doing your own. Since our events are few and far between at the moment, you'd be best served doing your own events and asking for DoF support. We definitely take notice of generosity and kindness!