Denver Physical Therapist

Safe Pain Relief to Avoid Addiction

The number of people suffering with addiction is at epidemic proportions. Addiction is indiscriminate and afflicts people of all races, gender, backgrounds, ages, and income levels. One if the main causes of addiction is pain management. People suffer injuries, have degenerative conditions, or chronic pain in one or more areas of the body.

Managing Pain

Prescription pain medications all have the potential to be addicting. Not everyone who temporarily needs a prescription becomes addicted, but many people do. Excessive alcohol use is sometimes substituted for prescription drugs once the doctors refuse to authorize refills. Illegal drugs may become a last resort, or cannabis is used in excess.

These methods are expensive, destructive, and life-threatening. People lose jobs, homes, freedom, self-respect, and families due to addiction. Health declines, cognitive ability reduces, and death is eminent if help is not provided or accepted. Effective, healthy, and safe pain management options are available.

Physical Therapy

Instead of even starting a prescription pain reliever, begin physical therapy Denver for pain management. Many techniques are effective in reducing pain. Temporary injuries respond well to heat, massage, and topical anesthetic creams. Simple exercises done consistently will ease joint and muscle pain, as well as headaches.

Being proactive in cases of degenerative conditions can fend off pain indefinitely, and minimize it when it does occur. Whirlpool tubs, aqua exercises, and ultrasound technology are among methods used. Denver physical therapy offers alternatives that are safe, non-threatening, and much cheaper. Most people who seek physical therapy, and actively participate, need nothing stronger than an over-the-counter pain reliever, or natural remedies.


Denver physical therapy is especially important for people who have a history of addiction, have high rates of alcoholism in their family histories, or a propensity for addiction. Prescription drugs are even more dangerous for people who are easily influenced. Increased risk factors for addiction makes it more likely to become addicted with short-term prescription drugs. Ten or twenty after surgery, for example, can lead to a major problem.

Why take the risk? Pain will subside with physical therapy treatment whether it is pain during rehabilitation or from a chronic issue. So many aspects of life cannot be avoided, so take control and avoid aspects that have alternative options. In the event of addiction, physical therapy can play an essential role in the recovery process. Exercise can speed up the rate at which drugs leave the body. Whirlpool tubs can help relax cramping muscles, and heat or massage can calm the mind.