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Web Directories

Pay to receive a targeted link

Directories are another popular place to get links back to your site. These exist almost entirely for getting a highly targeted backlink. Make sure these links are not "nofollow" links! Some directories are very low traffic, so you'll have to do your research on what directories are worth submitting to. You'll have to pay more often than not. It's not expensive, usually around $5, but it can add up quickly. Check the Google Page Rank of the site you are signing up with before submitting your site.

Backlinks from Directories

Social Networking & Social Bookmarking

Build up your links with popular social websites

Sites like MySpace and Facebook have been known to drive traffic through targeted comments on user's profiles. The most effective way to get traffic flowing to your page is to have more people to see it.

Social Bookmarking has become a huge thing in the past few years. Sites like Digg and Stumbleupon can bring in huge traffic. Other websites can also divert traffic to your website, as well earn a little bit of Adsense earnings:

This site shares in the revenue by the impression. The more views you receive, the more you'll earn. You can also earn contest bonuses and feature bonuses if they pick your content to be featured on their home page. I've personally already made pay out from them. I've also had luck using their blog feature, which shows up well in search engines.

An easy to use site that has a Digg style format. Add your link to the website along with a custom description for best results.

Create a "top" list of hubs, Squidoo lenses, blog posts, websites, Amazon products, or anything else that you can think of. An easy to use format that creates backlinks, generates traffic, and interest in your website!

Link Baiting

Attracting links to your site by offering a useful page that's naturally linkworthy

Link Baiting sounds like something you want to stay away from, but it can be a good thing, especially when it's done right. Link baiting is when you create a page or resource that's helpful and unique. You'll see people to refer to mortgage interest calculators as a good example of link baiting. People will link to that page of the site to calculate their mortgage, from blogs to other business websites. Almost all websites can create a good "link bait" page. Try to make it relevant to what you're site is about for the best results. Here are some examples:

  • You have an eBay store selling shoes. Make a list of 100 places you can recycle shoes or drop them off for charity. Over time, you'll get a lot of links to your store.

  • Use the mortage calculator example and apply to your own business. What tools can you provide your customers with that will attract links and attention?

Search Engine Independence

Don't depend on search engines to drive traffic to your website!

Being at the whim of a few select companies is no way to run your life or business! A lot of sucessful businesses have instead placed more value on traffic that comes in from well-placed links. These are permanent, unlike the constantly fluctuating pagerank system. While search engine traffic is always great, link traffic is better.

Declare Independence from Search Engines!

By getting permanent links on blogs, forums, and other websites, you can have a steady stream of dependable traffic coming into your site that is more likely to revisit or make a purchase. Consider buying text links or a well-placed (and well designed) banner.

More on Building Backlinks and Search Engine Optimization..

Where you can find more backlinks to your site!

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