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11 Dental Health Tips for seniors

We witness most of the time we have seen the elders with the wrinkles on faces, walking slowly, broken teeth and sick from health. But we also see some of the elder people, walking fast even running and healthy and happy. How this happens, people with growing ages some look weak and some look tough. Don’t you have ever thought about it?

Why there is a difference in health conditions among the people who are growing older and aged? It’s always in the mind people who are older must possess diseases and illness, taking lots of medications and dentures for the oral cavity.

Older people can be healthy but how is the question? If they are going to maintain a good lifestyle with healthy diet, they can live healthiest life till the end of times.

The problem of today is when a person is young; they don’t bother much about healthy diet. They eat junk food, too much sweets that makes them fat, chubby, develops hypertension, diabetes and cavities in the teeth. Most of the diseases start from the oral cavity. People must have to take care of their oral hygiene. In this way they can protect their overall health conditions.

This article will be focusing on the awareness regarding protection of teeth and oral cavity especially when you are growing up.

Why teeth fall in seniors?

The dental health is integrated to the overall health. There are good and bad bacteria in the oral cavity. If you are not taking good care of your teeth and gums that bacteria will travel in your body and damages the other parts of the body. The researchers are working on dental health and wants to aware people to have healthy oral cavity.

Proper Calcium Intake:

Men or women the case is almost same. While growing up we used to have energy and health. But have never thought of calcium intake that is used by our bones and teeth in daily basis. In order to save your bones and teeth intact, one has to take proper calcium may it be in tablet form or take milk on regular basis.

Diseases related to heart:

If you have great dental health that means you have a good health. The bacteria present in the mouth can infect the blood especially when you are having gum problems. Regular bleeding from gums can be a big cause for the heart related diseases. The bad bacteria in the mouth can travel in the blood vessels and can be a reason of narrowness in them. That is why proper cleaning of teeth is important.

Infection related to Respiratory Tract:

Oral cavity is very sensitive. It has to be maintained on daily basis. Any small infection in teeth or gums can be a cause of big health issue. The infection in the gums can go into the lungs and can cause lungs infections like pneumonia. Pneumonia is a highly dangerous disease, if not treated in time can lead to the death.

Cleaning of teeth

Cleaning always help relive spreading the germs. Cleaning of teeth is very important twice a day is mandatory, when you wake up early in the morning and before going to sleep, as you grow up the vulnerability of the body increases. The germs become strong and the body becomes weak to fight. That is the time when there are more chances of cavity development in teeth.

Brushing teeth with a good tooth paste is a plus point if something is stuck in your teeth, try use dental floss rather than tooth pick. The tooth pick creates spaces in the teeth and make the gums more vulnerable to gum diseases.

Try to brush your teeth on regular basis. Eat fresh and healthy. Eat less sweet and if you eat sweets then you need to brush your teeth in order to save your teeth from cavity or plaque.

For enhanced cleaning twice in every year, you also need to consider consulting to your Kennewick Dentist.