Dental Health Challenges Faced By Teens

The childhood time is exciting not only for the children but also for the parents. Parents love to see each of the activity performed by their children and they take complete interest in their health and wellness. However, this interest in children’s wellness gets reduced when those children turn into teenagers. Here, they usually fail to understand that children at this age undergo a lot of body changes which definitely have their impact on health, especially dental and oral health. Hence, it is quite essential to pay attention to their health at this level.

Hormonal change and risk of gingivitis

Gingivitis is the initial phase of gum disease and it is widely thought to be prevalent in adults. However, the matter of fact is that this problem is quite common in children and teens as well. While poor oral hygiene and other factors certainly play a role in the development of irritation in the gums that can lead to bleeding, this condition can also occur due to hormonal changes which take place when a person hits puberty. The pike in the levels of progesterone and estrogen can be considered as the top reasons for gingivitis. As a result, the kid doesn’t find it very comfortable to brush and floss.

Dietary changes

While it is great to have balanced diet, you will find it pretty hard to make your teenage children understand this simple fact. Hence, they are going to try out everything including fast foods and sweet treats to give their taste buds something to enjoy. This is the reason that teenage people are usually found to be very fond of foods which are high in carbs and sugars.

The immediate disadvantage of consuming such foods is that teeth start to become vulnerable against decay and cavities. Furthermore, some teenagers start to develop eating disorder which can turn out to be the main reason for enamel erosion.

Requirement to remove wisdom teeth

Another issue which the teenagers commonly face is the lack of room in their mouth for wisdom teeth. Hence, wisdom teeth may start to grow in wrong direction in most of the children. When it happens, the growing wisdom tooth pushes other neighboring teeth, leading to the intense pain which tends to remain permanent if the problem is left untreated. Therefore, the only solution left in these circumstances is the removal of wisdom tooth.

Mouth trauma due to sports activity

The most enjoyable phase of teenage can turn out to be a painful one when it results in dental trauma. It’s the capability to play different sports. The hard impacts can be pretty disastrous for dental integrity. Therefore, the easiest way is to use mouth guards before entering into the play field.

Apart from every precautionary measure you take care of in order to ensure better dental health of your teenage children, you also need to ensure their routine dental visits.