Reasons for the Need of Dental Bridge Repair

Dental bridges are made to last for years. But they eventually need repair or replacing. For those who do not know much about dental bridge, it is a dental appliance which is fitted in the place of missed tooth or teeth. A bridge is usually anchored by healthy teeth on both sides of the missed teeth. These healthy teeth are also called abutment teeth. A dental bridge requires repair or replacement when it is cracked or when your dentist identifies any other issue.

Reasons for the failure of dental bridge

Dental bridges are usually made of porcelain or ceramic. These materials are fused to metal frames. If you are being careless in maintaining these bridges, you may get them failed. These bridges also allow the bacteria to enter into them and cause infections to abutment teeth. Moreover, extensive pressure on abutment teeth can cause them to fracture.

Apart from the breakage or fracture, another problem with dental bridges is that it, sometimes, doesn’t quite fit well in the mouth or it differs from the other teeth in the mouth in terms of color.

Time at which they need to be fixed

Although dental bridges provide quite long-term solution for the missing teeth, it is not the permanent solution. These bridges typically stay in the mouth for 15 years without causing much of the problem. However, the problems with abutment teeth aren’t usually visible because those teeth are covered. So, any kind of pain in teeth and gums or added sensitivity may indicate that your dental bridge needs to be checked and repaired. In case the bridge gets fractured or broken, you will start feeling something broken in the area. Furthermore, the pieces of porcelain may also fall off. In these scenarios, you need to visit your dentist to have the bridge and your dental health analyzed.

Repair of dental bridges

The repair of dental bridge depends upon the type of problem it has. The problem with abutment tooth is going to require the removal of bridge which could be permanently fixed with the abutment teeth. If it is permanently fixed, the dentist will have to break the bridge. After the treatment of abutment teeth, it will be checked if these teeth are still healthy to support the bridge. If they are healthy, a replacement bridge is going to be attached.

However, if the abutment tooth is not healthy or it needs removal, you may decide to have a dental implant which is quite permanent tooth like a natural tooth. This implanted tooth can be used as an abutment tooth.