ViP LoUnGe

"What size fits y'all?", Original Photography by psidre Felix (C)2012-Studio664

This page is just a collection of various random but meaningful adornments that have been deemed worthy of more exposure than sitting in some folder with some 8.3 GB here, 13.4 GB there of impossible to sort relics and overestimated portfolio orphans

There mAy also from time to time be some unUsuAL+chAnge$ as this is being used as a testing ground for the web designer to try and hack as much potential out of this rigid website building environment. If you're wondering what exactly it means to be a ViP at dB, you won't find the answer here IN the lounge. That mystery unfolds elsewhere.. and we unfold in here.

Live well, Love hard, and Laugh often! ~ teh glitch Ghost

Blue Water Dragon wading in a Twilight Sanctuary

~ - ~ - Dragon of Twilight Waters * - ~ - ~

*I don't know the artist or title of this piece. I could search Google images for an ID but, well.. I wanna wait until she's done with her trip.
<01:11:55>|<psidre> so i think i know how to get the bot to stop drinking all the coffee..


YaoChi - Avatar Awake

YaoChi Awake / Snoozing YaoChi

YaoChi Avatar Snoozing

I carry the scent of sandalwood and peppermint;

my presence infused with the light of the sun,

I am as brilliant as the Dog Star hanging high

in the vast expanse of the desert sky at night.

My hand is guided by Djehuti, lord of wisdom;

master of mysteries.

The ink in my quill is the blood from Nuit's womb,

Mother of the Heavens, Queen of Stars.

The barrel for my ink is the feather of Ma'at,

Mother of Truth, Lady of Justice.

The point from which flows my glyph:

the beak of Heru-Ra-Ha,

child of the Gods, Warrior of Light.

Let the blood in my heart be sharedby the love of that sacred unionbetween Asar and Aset:whose kindness and understandingchart the journey for us all.
Geb, my parchment,his flesh the very soiland stone which forms the Earth.

I am the flame and the current,

transcendent of time and space.

I am the word and the way,

my soul the soul of Kings.

And I am ever reborn.

"Borneless One of the river Nile", Kroah ~ 2013