The Power of Plants!!

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Hi my name is Denise Bradley and I want to show you an amazing way to make sure you family gets what it needs every day to stay healthy and grow strong. It is a product called Juice Plus and it has been around for over 25 years. They have a whole product line to help meet your needs. And the best part is it is not a vitamin but whole food. This company has found a way to take mature ripened food, wash it, freeze it, pulverized it and dry it at low temperatures to create powders. So you are getting the seeds, peels and all. What an amazing way to help you bridge the gap!

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This is where the fruits and veggies come from.

This is how its made.

Your day is not complete with out a Complete Shake!!

This is the Omega Blend.

Learn more about the SHRED and how you can use it as a JUMP START on your journey to getting healthier and getting better performance.

11 Things that happen when you flood your body with Juice Plus because it contains all those mature Fruits, Veggies & Berries!!