Articles of the Week (AotW)

Kelly Gallagher has featured Articles of the Week for a number of years on his website. Please see his website for his most current postings.

Dave Stuart Jr. has also featured Gallagher's AotW on his website.

The articles of the week on my website include some of Gallagher's, especially the early ones. Later AotWs are ones I've developed from current news articles. The articles I choose are based on my students' interests, what we are currently doing in class (such as debates), and what students are studying in other classes (American History, Science, Math). This page will be updated weekly.

Note: The AotW are designed for an 8th grade Literacy class.

Article of the Week (2018-2019)

AotW #1: Inside American's Lottery addiction (250 word written response)

AotW#2: The "secret language" of cursive writing has kids curious (250 word written response)

AoW#3: Does TV Make You Dumber? (250 word written response)

AotW#4: "Harsh Parents" (250 word written response)

AotW#5: Ebola death toll in DR Congo passes 500: Health ministry (evaluate source using CRAAP)

AotW#6: Sketchnoting: Should it be added to the curriculum?

AotW#7: Why you should really start talking to old people more (from Dave Stuart)

AotW #8: Should We Celebrate Christopher Columbus?

AotW#9: Teens like their trendy caffeinated drinks, buliterat there are health concerns

Example of Delineate an Argument: Wiley affirmative against Harvard (RI8.8)

AotW#10: Let Teenagers Sleep In (New York Times) (Delineate the Argument)

AotW #11: Should America Scrap the Recycling Program? (Delineate the Argument)

AotW#11: Example of completed graphic organizer (for recycling)

AotW#12: Video Games (RI8.8) (delineate an argument)

AotW#13: School Shooters: What's Their Path to Violence (delineate an argument)

AotW#14: Defying Parents, a Teen Decides to Get Vaccinated (250 word written response/prompts)

AotW#15: Kristoff St. John’s death reveals risks to people grieving a suicide (250 word written response/prompts)

AotW#16: Obesity-related cancers rising fastest among millennials, study finds (250 word written response/prompts)

AotW#17: Teen who walked while on life support is home from hospital (250 word written response/prompts)

AotW #18: A quarter of all kindergartners in this county in Washington aren’t immunized. Now there’s a measles crisis (250 word written response/prompts)

AotW #19: Oregon lawmakers seek to lower voting age in state to 16, so teens can ‘protect their future’ (250 word written response/prompts)