Erie PA Motorbike Trip 2020

Potential Sightseeing

Friday 2-Oct

10:00am Ride to North Wales (40 mins)​

11:00am Ride to Fireplace Restaurant Tunkhannock (2hrs 10mins)​

1:15pm Lunch at Fireplace Restaurant​

2:00pm Ride to Wellsboro Penn Wells Lodge (2 hours)​

4:00pm Check-In Hotel​

4:30pm Ride to Grand Canyon - Leonard Harrison State Park (20mins each way)​

5:00pm Look around​

6:00pm Head Back​

6:30pm Happy Hour​

7:30 Dinner at Penn Wells Hotel​

Saturday 3-Oct

8:30am Breakfast at Dinner​

9:30am Ride to Kinzua Bridge (1hr 50mins)​

11:30am look around Kinzua Bridge​

12:00pm Ride to Southern Tier Lakewood NY (1hr 30mins)​

1:30pm Lunch​

2:30pm Ride to Sheraton Erie (1 hr)​

3:30pm Checkin​

4:00pm Ride to Lake & Presque Isle Lighthouse (30 mins each way)​

4:30pm Look around Lake​

5:30pm Ride to Hotel​

6:00pm Happy Hour​

7:00pm Dinner​

Sunday 4-Oct

9:30 Ride to Punxsutawney (2hr 30mins)​

12:00 Lunch & look around​

1:30 Ride Pittsburg (1hr 30min)​

3:00 Check In Holiday Inn North Shore (2 hours)​

3:30 Ride around & Check out Pittsburgh​

5:30 Happy Hour, Dinner​

Monday 5-Oct

9:00am Ride Falling Water (1hr 15mins)​

10:30 Take Self Tour (or guided tour) ​

12:00 Ride to Troeggs with 45min stop(s) for lunch (3 hours 15mins on bike)​

4:00 pm Check out Troeggs​

5:00pm Ride home (1hr 20mins)​

6:30pm Home​