Are you looking for something more than just a homework helper?

Delta Academics was created because as a family we found most of the tutoring companies to be too generic in their approaches.

Sound familiar:

  • simple math worksheets to keep kids busy
  • only single-subject tutoring sessions
  • tutors with no experience working with kids
  • generalized help
  • unfamiliarity with school's curriculum and expectations

We are a family-owned business that caters to the needs of each individual family and student.

Our family and friends wanted a service that not only tutored multiple subjects, but offered mentoring, and other opportunities like arts education, physical education, and organization skills.

Thus Delta Academy was born.

We have over 20 years of combined experience in the education field and are pleased to finally offer our services to not juts friends and family but everyone.

In our consult session, we work with parents and students to target areas of concern and need. Together we will build a plan to succeed not just for the next test or the semester, but for the whole academic future.