About Us

Delta Academy is a family-owned and operated company. We pride ourselves in the smiles we create each time a student reaches his or her own potential and goals.

David Wong

Owner / Lead Academic Mentor

Mr. Wong has been a credentialed high school language arts instructor for over 14 years. He specializes in academic writing, creative writing, and reading instruction. He has taught all different levels from English learners to Advanced Placement. Although specializing in language arts, Mr. Wong has experience tutoring in all subjects and grade levels.

Prior to teaching, Mr. Wong was a youth wrestling coach, academic tutor, and playwright. He likes to combine his coaching experience with his teaching experience to not only help his students learn, but to also encourage them to succeed. One of the reasons he enjoys tutoring outside of his normal classroom is because it affords him the opportunity to help mentor students individually, one-on-one, something that is often lacking in the school classroom.

He first started tutoring elementary students while in high school. Upon graduating, his high school awarded him The Scholar-Athlete Award. Mr. Wong also graduated Summa Cum Laude and received his Single-subject English credential from Cal State Fullerton. He is currently finishing his Masters in Curriculum and Design from Concordia University of Irvine.

He also believes that his experience teaching in the public school system and having his own children attend private, public, and homeschool institutions offers him an unusual insight. He enjoys meeting with parents to discuss and answer questions that often exists between parents and teachers, since he is both. He has children in each stage of education: one in elementary, one in high school, and his oldest just received her MA in education and a multiple-subject credential.