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Visual Arts Syllabus 2017-2018

Why IB Art?

"Art is the gymnasium of the mind, body and spirit." - Lorin Hollander

IB Art helps us exercise our creativity, problem solving skills and allows us to experience Risk-Taking by trying to create artwork using unfamiliar tools and materials. It doesn't always come out the way you expect...and that's OK.

In IB Art we learn how to start with an idea, and grow it into something INTERESTING.

Will Art Class be Fun?

Art class can be challenging.

  • If you are a person that wants to learn new skills and is willing to experiment with new materials then you might find Art Class fun.
  • Sometimes, students that like to draw only what they want to draw, feel frustrated by art class because we are learning new skills.

Do I need to be good at art to be in art class?

Art class is for anyone and everyone that wants to improve their artistic skills. Everyone is at a different skill level. Our goal is to help you grow beyond your current level. That means, you don't have to be good at drawing to be in art.

What will I learn?

In IB Art we use a wide variety of materials to learn the process of creating something, allowing us to visually Communicate our ideas. We will experiment and learn to be Inquirers as we experience new materials. We will practice being Open-minded and Reflective when what we create doesn't exactly match the picture in our head.

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