Foster Family Rate Sheet

Region 14 Foster Family Rate Sheet.

Document Highlights

  • Invoice Due Date = 25th
  • Per Diem Board Rate
  • Sibling Incentive
    • Sibling incentive can be claimed 3.44 per day per sibling. Read more details below.
  • Clothing Allowance
  • Year Round Enrichment Activities
  • Summer Camp
  • School Supplies
  • Mileage Rates
  • Car Seat and Safety Helmet Reimbursement Rules
  • Supplemental Supervision - Daycare and invoice details
  • Medical or Dental Expense Details - what is not covered by Amerigroup and paid by DFCS
  • Allowances for the Kids
  • Items that Require an Original Receipt
  • Reimbursable Items that Require Prior Approval
  • Non Reimbursable Items
  • Initial Clothing and Annual Clothing Authorization timeline examples
Foster Care Rate Sheet revised 07-17.doc

Mileage Log

Did you know that you can get reimbursement for driving to appointments?

Record your miles and submit this with your Invoice. Click to download the Mileage Log.

Where do I get invoices?

Contact your Resource Development Team. They will either mail them to you, or sometimes bring them to a visit.

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