Meet the Board

Sarah Hoskins


Professionally Sarah worked in Customer Service Management. She loves hiking, camping, animals, gardening, and anything on or in the water. She and her husband Bret have been Resource Parents since 2016. They have only had one long-term placement so far, but this does not stop this amazing Lady from jumping in to help make a difference for the children.

They decided to Foster when she pictured what "motherhood and family" looked like, it was always a vision of a tree of chosen family. At the start of the process we were exploring foster to adopt, but it changed quickly to resource parenting once we learned of the tremendous need and felt called to serve in that capacity.

Sarah's favorite Quote, "The worst you can be is wrong." ~her middle school band teacher.

Sarah chooses to serve on the board because the level of service and information we are able to get from DFCS can improve, but she understands that it takes involvement to make things better. While she is optimistic about the improvement efforts being made by DFCS, she believe in the necessary communal effort of this organization to be built in a way that bridges those gaps to better serve the kids by way of serving each other and the DFCS organization.

Sarah is the Heart of this Organization. She is kind, optimistic, and considers others in all things.

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Patricia Moses


The eldest identical twin by 13 minutes. Her sister says that She is the pretty one (lol). Fostering since 2003, the Twins decided to become Foster Parents, "to make a positive difference in their corner of the world". They have fostered 21 children, as well as taken relative placement for 7 years. So far they have adopted three children.

Her occupation has been medical biller/collector. She is the PTA President at her children's school and brings wonderful skills to DeKalb FLAG. Her interests include volunteering, arts and crafts, thrift store shopping, and event planning.

Patricia believes that as Foster Parents we must continue our education. All too often, the issues we have are due to a lack of knowledge; not knowing the right thing to do and not utilizing the resources that are there to help us.

Patricia's favorite quote is "to whom much is given much is required". This is motivation when she wants to give up. Choosing to serve on the board is purposed to help to make a positive change for future Parents and children.

Patricia is the Brain of this Organization. Thinking about what we need to do and how to do it. She is great with keeping us on track to get things accomplished at the right time.

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Kay Dickey

Vice President

Born and raised in Fort Wayne Indiana, Kay grew up in a home where there were always Foster children. She moved to Atlanta and then to Chicago where she became a Second Generation Foster Parent focusing on fostering teenage girls. In 1998 she returned to Georgia. In 2001 she and her mother partnered together to Foster, focusing on drug babies. Kay has fostered for over 20 years.

As of today, she has adopted multiple children, with a recent loss of her oldest foster child in 2017 at the age of 44. Kay has fostered approximately 30 children, this is not counting the children who were with her less than a significant amount of time. Now her focus is on older children, however she is known to take kids whenever DFCS gives her a call. The most children she has had at one time is four. At one point she had four cribs for four babies.

By day Kay is a Civil Engineer, and by night she owns her own business called Eat Well, creating desserts for any type of food lifestyle. Gifted with many talents; she loves bake, sew, rehab houses, restore furniture. For fun she likes to travel, but especially cruising. She also enjoys watching and participating in sports.

Her favorite quote is by Ian Smith, MD - "The Biggest Sale I ever made is when I sold myself on the belief that my dreams were worth pursuing."

Kay is the Hands of this Organization. With an amazing work ethic, unafraid of any task, willing to more than what was asked, this Lady restores everything she touches.

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Leah Lindsey


A Georgia native of College Park, who grew up with so many air planes surrounding her, she always felt like the sky is the limit. Professionally she is a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (meaning, she breaks software, aka Computer Nerd) and has been working in the IT industry since 1998. She loves music and is an intermediate, multi-instrumentalist.

Honored with the Rookie of the Year Award in 2014, followed by Foster Parent of the Year for Region 14 in 2016. She and her wife Amy, began fostering children in 2013. Since an early age, Leah always desired to adopt children. When considering how to start a family, the calling became obvious to foster children through DFCS with optimism to adopt. So far they have fostered 17 children, and have fostered sibling groups. Their longest placement was a sibling group of three for almost two years.

When attending the AFPAG conference, Leah took a class taught by the founder of the first Foster Parent Association in America. As Betty Hastings shared her heart of what the Association should look like, Leah felt like she received an impartation with the purpose for a Parent Association. This inspired a desire to join the local Parent Association. After much prayer, consideration, and observation, she realized it was time to pick up this service opportunity.

Leah is passionate to see a hope for a Foster Parent Revival occur, creating new avenues to associate like minded people, creatively identifying training opportunities, and impacting the way DFCS and Parents best support our children. Desiring to inspire change in every positive way.

Her favorite quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt who said, "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people."

Leah is the Eyes of this Organization. Looking to the big picture of how this Association can grow in knowledge, love, and grace; for the children, DFCS, and one another.

Motivated to serve you and believing that all things work out for the good who are called according to their purpose. Our Foster Parents would not be here if they were not called to do this selfless work.

Together, let us impact the way things are done.

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