Social Worker Appreciation Month

DeKalb FLAG needs your support as we celebrate our Social workers this March.

Did you know?

  • DeKalb County has the most children in care of all the counties in Georgia.
  • 200 Social Workers manage the kids, their individual needs, the children's family, and the Foster Parents. That really is a lot of work considering that there is only about 105 Foster Families in DeKalb County. This means that the Foster Kids are often placed outside of DeKalb County and the Social Workers must travel to every single child assigned to their case load.
  • When a child is first placed in care, they must visit that child every week, for weeks.
  • Social workers must attend many company meetings, biological family meetings, foster family meetings, receive ongoing training, go to Court for every child.
  • They visit medical hospitals, mental hospitals, and prison on a regular basis.
  • If there is any disruption in the case, this creates a whole new set of work for the Social Worker.
  • There are approximately 270 DFCS Staff who work in DeKalb County to serve our community. Huge amounts of work with many moving pieces.
  • They are on call 24/7, work more overtime than they care to count, and often see the worst of our society. Yet, every day they show up to work with a pleasant attitude knowing that they are making a difference in lives who do not have solid leaders, advocates, and champions in their life.

How can you help? Here are the details.

  • We are collecting donations and have designated Wednesday of each week to be Celebration Day.
  • Below is the weekly theme.
  • Would like to help and you want to learn more?
    • There is a shared spreadsheet where you can help us make phone calls. Email our for specifics
    • You can make a donation of any kind for our social workers. The number goal we have is 265, but any gift is appreciated and will be given to our Social Workers.
    • Any present, hand made, bought, etc is greatly appreciated. The theme is leaders, advocates, champions.

5 Weeks of Gifts

Week 1

Week 2

  • March 7th - Coffee / Breakfast

Week 3

  • March 14 - Cake

Week 4

  • March 21 - Nothing, most of the office will not be there due to training

Week 5

  • March 28 - Lunch

Questions about how you can help Appreciate our Social Workers?