Troubleshooting & Support

Having a hard time getting into the DEGY WORLD application on your computer?

1) Restart your computer and then repeat your attempt to launch or install Degy World

2) Try a clean install from the section below and verify you've checked your system is compatible and not blocked from the instructions in the below section

3) If you still need assistance after step 1 and 2, contact your event host/booking agent or Degy World Support directly to get additional assistance.

Use this guide if you need help registering for your event and processing through the account creation and application install and download.

Use this guide if you need help registering for the DEGY WORLD TOUR and processing through the account creation and application install and download.

When in doubt, restart your computer and then repeat your attempt to install or launch Degy World

Make sure to close any unnecessary programs when your computer starts back up.

Ensure that your firewall or antivirus isn't blocking necessary applications or ports.

Having issues once you've logged in to DEGY WORLD?

General Program Operation

Ensure you can see what you need to!

Adjust your computer and DEGY WORLD settings to help things runs smoothly

Take these tips to help cool things down. Close your other programs and applications you don't need open on your computer.

Sound and Speaking Troubleshooting

1) First, make sure you've got your headphones connected with the volume on (or unplug and re-connect)

2) Then, try clicking 'Reinitialize Sound' in the menu at the top right of your Degy World window by clicking the gears icon.

3) Next, try quitting/closing the program/application and relaunching. Then, follow the instructions in the below section:

4) In Degy World, look for one of our VEPs in a lime-green shirt or GO-TO 'Tech Support!'

Follow these instructions to check that the sound settings on your computer are correct

Follow this guide to ensure you have the right device selected for sound and communication in your computer settings

Force your computer to ask you to allow Degy World to use the microphone

Help us help you! Send your screenshots and logs

Snap some screenshots or screen recordings of your experience and send them to us via e-mail.

Help us better understand your experience by providing your Degy World Logs via e-mail.

IT Details

Looking for something to send to your IT team?

You're in the right spot.

Simply copy and paste this info right over!

Degy World Hardware and Software Requirements

Firewall, Antivirus, Email, and Application Whitelist

Computer Security Settings Preventing access to Degy World

Additional Info:

  • Executable install file is DegyWorld.dmg or DegyWorldSetup.exe

  • Application title is ‘DEGY WORLD’ (DegyWorld.dmg/ or DegyWorld.exe)

  • If you must enable Application Security and Privacy permissions, DEGY WORLD will need access to use the user’s Microphone, Camera, and Screen Recording

  • Looking to pre-download the software on your organization's computers or add Degy World to your self-service tools? Send us an email.

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