If you have entered a Sublime Race and find that you cannot run for any reason, we have the following ways to help you:

Race week:

(Race week is the 7 days running up to race day)

We do not defer, transfer or refund in race week under any circumstances. This is an incredibly busy period for us during which the start lists and race packs are being finalised.

The only exceptions made in race week are for those that choose to become a Race Maker. (please see Race Maker's Concession see below)

If you cannot make the event and would like your medal and t-shirt, we can arrange for these to be made available for collection at Advance Performance in Peterborough or Cambridge.

Please email info@sublimeracing.com to arrange for your t-shirt and medal to be made available from Advance Performance.

Before race week

We will:

1. Defer your entry to another Sublime race of the same distance, or

2. Transfer your entry to another runner.

Please email info@sublimeracing.com to defer or transfer before race week.

More than 4 weeks before race day

We will:

1. Defer your entry to another race of the same distance, or

2. Transfer your entry to another runner, or

3. You can request a refund of your entry fee (less processing fees of third party suppliers).

Please email info@sublimeracing.com to defer, transfer or request refund, more than 4 weeks before race day.

Race maker's concession:

If you cannot run and instead volunteer as a Race Maker for any Sublime event, we will provide you a code to transfer your race entry in addition to the code that Race Makers receive normally.

This special concession is only available to our Sublime Race Makers, which may be utilized in race week.

Please email info@sublimeracing.com to apply for a Race Maker concession. Please add in capital letters in the subject bar "RACE MAKER CONCESSION"

Race Maker Concession requests made during race week may not be answered until the event is over and as such the volunteering may need to be for a future Sublime event.