How to Login to a SMC Router

SMC is a popular brand of wireless routers, but unlike most routers, SMC routers don’t have a universal username and passwords to access its configuration menu. The username and password varies depending on the model. If you want to gain access to your SMC router you can check your manual to see its default username, password, as well as the private IP address to access it. Alternatively you can use the SMC Router Passwords list below, and try the username-password combination for your model.

SMC Router default router password and username list

Model Username Password SMC2804WBR Rev. V.1 (blank) smcadmin 2804WR (blank) smcadmin SMC 7904BRA (blank) smcadmin SMCWBR14-G Rev. SMCWBR14-G (blank) smcadmin SMCWBR14-G N/A smcadmin BARRICADE 7004 AWBR Admin blank ROUTER Rev. ALL Admin Admin SMC BROADBAND ROUTER Admin Admin BARRICADE7204BRB Admin smcadmin 7401BRA Rev. 1 Admin barricade ROUTER/MODEM Rev. BR7401 Admin barricade SMB2804WBR Rev. V2 Administrator smcadmin MODEM/ROUTER cusadmin highspeed 7204BRA Smc smcadmin 7401BRA Rev. 2 Smc smcadmin

If you already configured the router, but forgot the password you have selected, or have tried almost everything and still can’t access the router, you can do a hard reset of the SMC router to bring it back to default settings.

How to Hard reset on the SMC Router

You would need a pin, a paper clip, or anything that can fit into the reset button hole to reset the router.

To hard reset the router, you need to unplug all the cables from the back of your SMC router, except its power cable.

  • While the router is ON, press and hold its RESET button using a pin or a paper clip for 10-15 seconds.
  • After (10 seconds), while you are holding the reset button, unplug its power cable for 15 seconds.
  • After (10 seconds), while you are still holding the reset button, plug its power cable back in.
  • Lastly, wait for another 10 seconds before finally releasing the RESET button

If you still can’t login to the SMC router, you can repeat the above steps again, and see if that helps.

Reminder: Resetting the SMC router will erase all your personal settings and will be set to factory default settings.

If you still can’t access your router with its power cable plugged in, try to press and hold its Reset button again for 5 seconds, and do this four times in a row, and then try to access the router again.

Router Default Password: Find default username, password & login URL of any Router

If you purchase a new router, it needs to be set up according to your ISP’s network settings so that you can share your broadband connection across multiple devices. Although the manufacturer puts all the necessary information on the router’s box, if you have thrown it away, you can find the default username, password, and login URL of any router using Router Default Password.

How does it work?

The mechanism is simple. Router Default Password doesn’t scan deeply for your router’s manufacturer. Instead, it comes with a list of manufacturers with all the necessary information. For example, if you have a D-Link router, you can navigate to the D-Link menu. You would see some router models and their username and password.

This login URL is the router’s control panel URL that you need to open to set up the router or enter the IP addresses that your ISP has assigned to you. The username and password are required to log in to that control panel.

This is very easy and not much time-consuming as well. As this is a portable app, you do not have to install it on your machine. Simply download and extract the contents of the ZIP file. You will find a RouterDP.exe file. Double-click on it to run the tool.

Find out default username & password for Router

You need to change the router list by clicking the SHOW ALL LIST button to find out your router’s manufacturer and own username, password, and login URL.

Router Default Password

To log in, you need to click the link visible under Link to access the Router/Modem interface label. Then click on the corresponding router in the app, and copy the username and password.

If you want to open the Network Connections window directly, you can click the Menu button and select Network Connections instead of entering ncpa.cpl in the Run prompt.