Grimsby Trawlers

Here you can find details of the trawlers that sailed out of the Port of Grimsby

1876 - 1976

Grimsby Trawlers A-Z

Grimsby Trawlers GY 1 - GY 1399

Grimsby Crew Lists From 1920

Grimsby Lost Trawlers 1813 - 1960

Early Grimsby Fishing Vessels 1885 - 1976

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Requisitioned Trawlers Lost in WW 1

Requisitioned Trawlers Lost in WW 2

Navy Trawlers

MFV's 1 - 22

MFV's 23 - 48

MFV 45'

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The Navy Trawlers section covers the Trawlers either requisitioned or Lost during both World War Conflicts as well as listings for the MFV's

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