Dexterous Manipulation with Deep Reinforcement Learning:

Efficient, General, and Low-Cost

Henry Zhu*, Abhishek Gupta*, Aravind Rajeswaran, Sergey Levine, Vikash Kumar

In International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2019

Tasks learned via model-free deep reinforcement learning techniques

Valve Rotation

Box Flipping

Door Opening

Foam Valve Rotation

Door Opening

Valve rotation

ICRA Proceedings

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Dexterous multi-fingered robotic hands can perform a wide range of manipulation skills, making them an appealing component for general-purpose robotic manipulators. However, such hands pose a major challenge for autonomous control, due to the high dimensionality of their configuration space and complex intermittent contact interactions. In this work, we propose deep reinforcement learning (deep RL) as a scalable solution for learning complex, contact rich behaviors with multi-fingered hands. Deep RL provides an end-to-end approach to directly map sensor readings to actions, without the need for task specific models or policy classes. We show that contact-rich manipulation behavior with multi-fingered hands can be learned by directly training with model-free deep RL algorithms in the real world, with minimal additional assumption and without the aid of simulation. We learn a variety of complex behaviors on two different low-cost hardware platforms. We show that each task can be learned entirely from scratch, and further study how the learning process can be further accelerated by using a small number of human demonstrations to bootstrap learning. Our experiments demonstrate that complex multi-fingered manipulation skills can be learned in the real world in about 4-7 hours for most tasks, and that demonstrations can decrease this to 2-3 hours, indicating that direct deep RL training in the real world is a viable and practical alternative to simulation and model-based control.