Deep Tech Research and Entrepreneurship

The Institute has always had a strong culture of translational research and had participated in building an industrial base for independent India by spawning many public sector research programmes. Not surprisingly then, within its first decade of inception, the Department of CSA had a important impact in the computer industry in India. In 1979, Wipro Technologies, a newly formed company, approached CSA and CEDT at IISc to help them design a state of the art micro-processor driven minicomputer. This effectively became their first product as an incubatee of CSA and Wipro hasn’t looked back since. In 2000, at the dawn of the new millennium, two path breaking companies, Strand Genomics and Picopeta Simputers were spun off by faculty members of the Department. These were the first instances in India of faculty promoted with institutional sanction and participation as a shareholder. As of today there are several companies started by Alumni of the Department.

On the occasion of CSA Golden Jubilee, we are delighted to launch, MANCH an initiative for strengthening the Deep Tech ECo. System in CSA Department. The first event of this initiative, Meet the stars is scheduled on July 5th 2019. This website will host descriptions of the companies started by CSA and EECS Faculty, Students, and Alumni.