Math Class

  • Nix the Tricks and focus on how technology can enhance the student thinking and understanding in the classroom and their futures.

  • Take a glimpse into the classroom where the teacher facilitates the learning activities and discussions to best engage all learners, catch student misconceptions, give students voice, practice error analysis, and promote student discovery through mathematical content.

  • Transform your classroom to make the most out of your time together with your students. Help your students transition from low level thinking to higher critical thinking skills with the wonderful world of Google Tools.

  • Empowering students to stretch their thinking and creativity while they collaborate, explore, and learn in math. Create relative interactive lessons that bring math to life for your students, spend less time grading, more time interacting with the students, and improve your lessons to meet each students needs.

  • Check out how Scratch, Sphero, Drones, and Online Websites can bring math to life through coding. Students use application of math skills to be creative in their projects through these various platforms.

  • See what Desmos can do to enhance the discussion, discovery, and student interest in the math classroom.

  • Online webinar looking at do we value in a math classroom and leveraging technology online to create an engaging environment for our students to learn math.