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Dedicated Vision

Early 2016 our founder wanted to create a place where all hardstyle fans from around the world can unite and feel welcome and respected. He felt the need to do so because of the strong dedication that lies within every person listening to hardstyle. This dedication should be given an extra place of creating, sharing, maintaining, respecting and loving it!

Dedicated Mission

As of January 2016 the Facebook Group was created together with a group of dedicated moderators! With a set of rules that lies deep into the core of our moderation we've been able to grow an active and interactive community with 9000 members in January 2019...

Together with all the people involved it is our mission to unite all hardstyle fans around the world and have them enjoy our music and dedication every single day!

Dedicated Values

  • Community: We want to build an everlasting community of hardstyle fans both online and offline
  • Relive: We want people to relive all of the amazing moments our scene has
  • Music: By co-creating we make Spotify playlists in all kinds of creative ways so people can enjoy the music they love
  • Charity: As a community we value it important to help other communities around the world
  • Prejudices: We want to take away all the prejudices our scene has from people that really do not have a clue of who we are, what we do, what we listen to and what we party to

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