Facing the decoration of a new home or giving a new air to the old is a challenge and more considering that probably most of us are not professionals. Somehow, it is like facing a blank canvas, where we will have to go step by step, taking care of every detail, so that the final result is perfect. Therefore, before we run to the nearest store to buy everything, it is advisable to stop for a little reflection, define our needs and follow these tips.



The first thing we will have to do is define what style we are going to want to print to our home: minimalist? Nordic? rustic? classic? Boho-chic? The most important thing when facing the decoration is to have more or less clear that style to adapt our purchases and achieve a harmonious result. Oddly enough, even the most eclectic style has its "norms."


The purpose of decorating should be to turn our home into a home. A home in which to live, live and feel at ease alone or in company. That's why our second tip is to bet on functionality and comfort, which does not have to be at odds with good design.



When decorating the new home, there are sure to be a number of furniture and objects that we have to buy but we should not rule out the option of giving a "face lift" to others we already have. As we will see below, when we talk about each room, sometimes restore the front of living room furniture, cabinets, doors or kitchen furniture , using self- adhesive coatings , can save us a lot of money and the result can be so Good or better than buying them new.


Good lighting is essential to endow a house with charm and personality. Choose to establish different points of light and choose a lighting that does not dazzle and that provides warmth in the rooms that require them (such as the living room and bedrooms). For their part, the kitchen and bathrooms should also have a proper lighting adapted to their use.


We start by the lounge , since it is the place where we probably spend more time. The first and most important thing is to choose the tones with which we are going to paint the walls, because, depending on them, we will make the rest of decisions about furniture, textiles and accessories. If we have opted for a Nordic style, the white tones will predominate; While if we choose a classic style, it may be more appropriate to choose grays and beige hues. The yellows and browns will be more consistent with a rustic decoration. And if we choose a "boho-chic" style, the living colors will be the kings.

The furniture will choose them according to the style we have thought. Inside of it, and from a practical point of view, we will have to think that they must adapt to the needs of the people who will live in the house, to decide if we need more storage space, if we have children, pets, if we Like to receive visits or to organize great meals with friends, etc.

Last but not least, we will carefully choose the textiles that will be used in our living room , which not only bring color, but are responsible for making it cozy and giving it personality. Do not forget to choose the materials depending on the climate of the city where you live and the role they will play, especially when it comes to curtains, carpets, cushions, etc.


We talked about functionality and practicality and those two concepts are especially relevant in a stay as the kitchen . Here we can also add a third concept: resistance.

Once again, when it comes to decorating the kitchen we will have to think about the use that we are going to give. It is not the same as being a "masterchef" and cook in it every day, so that our pace of life allows us little more than preparing us a coffee and a toast for breakfast. In any case, we will have to design a good distribution and have enough storage furniture.

The materials will also choose them according to the style we like the most, but if we are not willing to get into complex works to change everything, we can bet on self- adhesive coatings that mimic the materials we like most: steel, stone, wood, etc. The options that allow us are huge.

And speaking of coatings ... We can serve to add a touch of color to our appliances, giving a casual touch to this stay of the house.

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When decorating a bedroom , again the choice of colors is key. Each one is free to choose the tone that best fits their style and personality, although it is convenient to think that the room is the stay of the home destined to rest and to escape the stress of the day but, above all, it is a place for Sleep, so perhaps it is better to opt for more "sweet" tones, to help you fall asleep. If you still choose more vivid colors, you can always balance with more neutral colors in textiles.

The bed is the main piece of the bedroom, so we have to choose carefully to fit our needs: size, firmness of the mattress, height, type of headboard, etc. If the bedroom does not have many meters, a very practical solution may be to place a decorative vinyl on the wall, which acts as a headboard saving space. And not only if the room is small! The headboards of photomurals are a esthetic bet highly recommended for any stay.

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Finally, the bathrooms . For this stay we must think of a decoration that offers us a relaxing atmosphere and comfort. To begin with, we will have to choose the basic equipment: shower or bath? Again, it will all depend on our needs. For example, a large bathtub where to submerge and relax may seem, at first sight, an excellent idea in any case but if our schedules are not going to allow us to use it and the space we have for the bathroom is small, maybe better Think of the practicality offered by a shower tray.

Once decided the most important, again we will play with the colors of the tiles or the painting of the walls, as well as the materials, furniture, the type of floor, the lighting, the mirrors, the screen.

And, finally, the small decorative details: textiles, appliques, lamps or decorative vinyl for the screen, in order to guarantee the privacy of our bathroom while we bet on the design.

After these tips, are you ready to start decorating your home?