Interior Decoration with Faux Brick Wall

If you want to decorate the walls of your home interior without painting the walls, using texture is the ideal way you can take into consideration. The best thing about faux brick panels is that they tend to bring in the looks of industrial or classic old styles of decoration. With faux bricks on the walls, you can create a sensation of warmth and charm which can make the interior of your home an interesting place to look and stay in.

Faux brick panels are available in standard sizes of approximately 2 feet x 4 feet up to 48 inch x 33 inches. These panels are usually made of lightweight polyurethane or high density molded polymers. Typically, these panels are attached on the walls using glue. But you can also use drywall screws if you have the plan to remove these panels after some time. The material of faux brick panels is highly reliable. This is the reason that these panels come with 25 years of warranty. The main varieties available in these panels mainly include the ones with the looks of slightly distressed bricks and the one with the looks of newly laid bricks. You can pick one according your requirements.

Panels with the looks of distressed looks bricks usually give the impression of worn out bricks. The edges are not completely square in this regard. And the bricks in these panels also have varying colors, tending to make them look naturally worn out bricks on the walls.

No matter what look you prefer, the brick panels are highly durable. These panels are so strong that you can even use them on the exterior walls of your home. The durability of these panels is evident from the fact that you can subject your faux brick walls to the exposure to weed whacker and the same amount of punishment a normal wall receive. Some of the brick panels are also UV resistant, making them good option to be used on the exterior walls.

While applying the panels, you have to make sure that you are taking care of the measurements of mortar area of the panels. It’s important as you wouldn’t want the brick walls to reveal their secret of being faux. The panels are designed in such a way that it quite easier to apply them on the wall. You have to apply them on the walls using same technique as that of wallpaper. While attaching the panels, make sure that every panel comes in proper line with the theme which you are trying to maintain.