Decline of Social Sharing and Its Impact

Content marketing on social media has been one of the great methods to bring valuable traffic on to the business pages. However, the approach which people follow most common doesn’t give much in form of the valuable output. The confirmation comes from a research by BuzzSumo Director Steve Rayson. According to Rayson, the content sharing method used 3 years ago is now 50% less effective.

Having that said, there are a few things which are worth mentioning in this regard.

The amount of sharing is down by 50%

This part of report mainly includes an analysis of 100 million posts which were shared in 2015. These posts were compared with the ones shared in 2017. The median of these posts in 2015 was 8. On the other hand, the median in 2017 was 4.

There are two major reasons for this decline.

  • Use of private messaging apps on social media has risen. Due to this rise, people do not prefer sharing content in public unless the content is generally perceived to be worth sharing.
  • The number of social shares has declined also because social media platforms continue to make it difficult for brands to market their products and services. More specifically, Facebook has starting throttling brands in this scenario.

Increased competition

Average number of shares is set to decline when there would be an exponential rise in the content sharing. Remember, it is always difficult for a share to speak up out loud when there is too much content existing in a specific domain. In other words, when there are too many articles published in a specific category, the chances of a share to show up in front of a reasonable audience become quite bleak.

Rich ones are getting richer

Social sharing has generally declined for majority of business community but the ones who continue to get their posts shared are getting even bigger traffic. It may be partly because of the reputation they would have earned in the past but it’s actually because of some specific methods which give them the traffic they need in order to make their business stand out.

One doesn’t need to run blindly in order to get more shares. It is basically associated with the familiarity of human attitude on social media. People like to read journalistic topics and the topics which involve the factor of controversy at a little extent. It is a good idea to hit this spot.

Content that never gets old

There are some topics which never get old even after a long time of publishing. Such topics are regarded as evergreen topics which continue to attract readers due to the validity they can provide. If you know how to generate such content and insert your brand message into it, you may be able to keep your social media posts in spotlight.