Reader in Finance

Queen's Management School

Research Interests

Health economics, household finance

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About me

I am a Reader in finance in the Queen's Management School in Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland and finance subject leader (26 academic staff). I am also director of the Queen's University Centre for Health Research at the Management School (CHaRMS).

I am currently External Examiner for the Irish Management Institute/University College Cork MSc in Leadership in Healthcare. I am associate editor at International Review of Financial Analysis.

Working papers

  • ‘The UK Equity Release Market: Views from the Regulatory Authorities, Product Providers and Advisors’ under review at Abacus. Paper

  • ‘Personal finance apps and low income households’ R&R at Strategic Change

  • ‘Work disability and the Northern Irish Troubles’. 2nd R&R at Oxford Bulletin of Economics & Statistics.

  • ‘ART and worker absenteeism: A causal effect size estimation from a large-scale health program among South African miners.’ R&R at Journal of Health Economics.

  • ‘Cost-Effectiveness of Precision Diagnostic Testing Underpinning Precision Medicine for Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: A Systematic Review’ under review at Journal of Cancer Policy.

  • "Defining the economic burden of colorectal cancer across Europe: providing the evidence for strengthening value-based cancer systems" under review at Gut.