DECI: designing effective conversational interfaces

... a tutorial at ACM IUI 2023 ...

Conversational interfaces have been argued to have advantages over traditional GUIs due to having a more human-like interaction. The rise in popularity of conversational agents has enabled humans to interact with machines more naturally. There is a growing familiarity among people with conversational interactions mediated by technology due to the widespread use of mobile devices and messaging services such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram. Today, over half the population on our planet has access to the Internet with ever-lowering barriers to accessibility.

This tutorial will showcase the benefits of employing novel conversational interfaces in the domains of human-AI decision making, health and well-being, information retrieval, and crowd computing. We will discuss the potential of conversational interfaces in facilitating and mediating the interactions of people with AI systems. The tutorial will include interactive elements and discussions, and provide participants with materials to build conversational interfaces.

More information will follow soon!