Decatur County Schools

Mr. Chris Villaflor, Director

59 West Main Street

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Decaturville, TN 38329

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"Home of the Panthers"

Welcome to Decatur County Schools!

The Decatur County School System is located in southwest Tennessee along the western banks of the Tennessee River. The system consists of 1 PreKindergarten Learning Center, 2 Elementary Schools, 1 Middle School, and 1 High School. The total student population is approximately 1,600 students.

The Decatur County Board of Education and I are proud to be part of a great school system. Decatur County's educational system has a clear goal to prepare our students to be successful lifelong learners who are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to become productive and caring citizens who can reach their maximum potential. Our teachers and staff are committed and dedicated to provide each student with the best education possible in a caring and nurturing environment.

Standards and Assessment

Decatur County Schools will continue to focus on helping educators understand the full depth of the system's academic standards, with the focus being on the transition to new standards in all areas over the next few years. These accomplishments in standards will be achieved through outcomes-focused and resources designed for district teams who connect standards to real life student work. When added with aligned assessments and practice tools, each person has better information for decision making at every level. Informed decision making must come from the student, classroom, school, district and state in order to provide successful outcomes.

Reading-Foundation of Learning

Decatur County School System must ensure that all students are reading proficiently at each grade level, and it has to begin with a rich literacy foundation from birth. Tennessee's “Read to be Ready” campaign leads the way. All the schools must better prepare educator candidates to teach reading in a way that integrates both knowledge and skill-based competencies. This requires developing tools and data to measure the effectiveness of early instruction and intervention practices. With that realization and solid coaching and training, educators will be equipped to provide the highest quality early learning opportunities.

Clear and Guided Pathways for Students

Students must be on their own individual precise and guided pathways that move them toward realizing their potential and the opportunities afforded through Tennessee Promise. This requires a deliberate focus on student planning and engagement-beginning in middle school-coupled with redefining the role of the school counselor to serve as an advisor and guide on college and career pathways. To ensure those pathways create opportunity for all students, educators must focus on rigorous and engaging coursework that includes both early post-secondary opportunities and work-based learning experiences.

(some information taken from the TN Department of Education Strategic Plan)