Marriage and Family

Marriage and family

  • We dated for a little more than a year before becoming engaged and married in 2010 in a large, but laid back ceremony that reflected our personalities.
  • Since then, we have had 3 amazing children, around 2 years apart.
  • We love to travel and have gone to Canada, Israel, Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands, Florida, New Orleans, Washington DC, Ocean City, MD, and other more local destinations.
  • Although we have not been able to do a lot of scuba diving or sailing since having children, we are prioritizing swimming and an active lifestyle so that we can all enjoy these types of activities as the kids get older.
  • We feel that education and careers are important in order to live the kind of life we want, but that the most important thing is family.
  • Based on this philosophy, we make sure to spend some time cuddling with the children every morning, and to have a home cooked dinner most nights--eaten together before family bedtime routines.
  • We love cooking shows and the kids always love to help out!