A Day in Our Life

A Day in Our Life:

    • Our days start with cuddles, and all the kids find their way into the pile before getting ready for the day.
    • Tooth-brushing, showers, getting dressed, and making lunches! We are all rushing to get our lunches, bags, and out the door, but we always take time for breakfast, and the kids love to clear their own bowls.
    • Matt takes the oldest to school on the way to his office and picks him up on the way home.
    • Debra takes the little ones to preschool and heads home to work from her home office.
    • When Debra is done with work she whips up a quick dinner and picks up the little ones.
    • We all eat dinner together and then the oldest does homework, the middle does OT, and the toddler plays.
    • We make sure everyone has time to unwind, usually get a little tv, and then head up to get into pajamas.
    • Everyone tries to fit onto Daddy's lap for story time, and then one by one get into their beds.
    • Debra tidies up, brings everyone waters and comes in to read or sing.
    • And then....sleep!

So much of our time together is spent cuddling! It helps the early morning feel like the most special part of our day!

We have put in many hours pushing kids on swings and hope for many more!

We really love to spend time together and even the formal pictures end up fun!

Even simple home cooked meals eaten together mean we can take a break from our busy lives to connect as a family.

The kids love to get involved!

Reading is important in our family and each kid has favorite books.

Daddy does the best voices. Mommy likes the rhyming books best!