Debra and Matt

If you envision your child growing up with love, laughter, and adventure, then we are very much alike.

Matt and Debra were married in 2010 and together we started building a family to share our lives with. We are blessed with 3 amazing children and want to grow our family further through adoption. This is our first time pursing adoption but hope it is not the last. We are open to a child of any race.

We know that the decision to place a child for adoption comes from a place of love and we will always make sure your child knows that this path was the right one for both our families and that he or she is loved by everyone involved.

We have been blessed with three amazing children and want to continue to grow our family.

About Matt by Debra:

  • Matt always wanted to be a father, and it shows! He is always first to change a diaper, make lunches, bring the kids to school, and just hang out with them.

  • Matt is also an amazing husband and believes that marriage is a partnership in love, parenting, and maintaining a household. He not only shares in all the household chores but also goes above and beyond: always ready to bring Debra breakfast in bed or let her sleep in after a rough week, no matter how tired he is himself.

  • Matt was born and raised in the north east, and attended college in Florida for Electrical Engineering.

  • Matt works as a project manager for a major medical device manufacturing company.

  • Matt enjoys travel, biking, scuba diving, sailing, and spending time with his immediate and extended family.

About Debra by Matt

  • Debra loves being a mom and makes sure her kids know it. Mornings generally find all the kids climbing into bed for some cuddling before getting ready for the day.

  • Debra does a wonderful job keeping the household running, keeping up with the kids' projects and homework, while still being a loving and caring wife. She is always happy to make Matt's favorite meals or send him to take a nap when work catches up to him.

  • Debra was born and raised in the north east, attended college in New Jersey, majoring in Information Systems, and works as a consultant in the pharmaceutical Industry.

  • Debra loves to travel and grew up with a focus on family, including vacations with water sports and active experiences.

  • Debra has the best of both worlds; she works full time, but from home, giving her flexibility in family life.

How we met

  • We met in 2009 and were drawn to each other for our love of life, and interest in everything from scuba diving and sailing to playing video games and spending long evenings with our friends.

  • We met on a popular dating site, after many failed dates that we love to recount, because all the failures made it all the more obvious when we met that it was an amazing match!

Marriage and family

  • We dated for a little more than a year before becoming engaged and married in 2010 in a large, but laid back ceremony that reflected our personalities.

  • Since then, we have had 3 amazing children, around 2 years apart.

  • We love to travel and have gone to Canada, Israel, Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands, Florida, New Orleans, Washington DC, Ocean City, MD, and other more local destinations.

  • Although we have not been able to do a lot of scuba diving or sailing since having children, we are prioritizing swimming and an active lifestyle so that we can all enjoy these types of activities as the kids get older.

  • We feel that education and careers are important in order to live the kind of life we want, but that the most important thing is family.

  • Based on this philosophy, we make sure to spend some time cuddling with the children every morning, and to have a home cooked dinner most nights--eaten together before family bedtime routines.

  • We love cooking shows and the kids always love to help out!

These kids are inseparable! Our home is always a chorus of "Can I have a hug? " "Can I have a kiss?" followed by giggles!

Our Children

  • All of our children have been happy babies. They love to smile, explore the world, and learn how to do everything they see others do.

  • Each child has been a blessing, and is completely different.

    • Our first born has always loved to learn and is a rule follower. He will give you every reason he can think of to do something, but always asks first and will listen to the rules if you say no. He loves to be kind and when a big kid in a playground tried to tell his little brother to move so she could play, he not only told her that his brother was playing there already, but invited her to play too, and made a friend!

    • Our second born is the best sharer! He never gets anything without asking if he can get for everyone. He loves to be active and brave. When anyone is scared he tells us that he will protect us and that he isn't afraid. He also loves to figure out how things work and always asks detailed questions like how transmissions work and how fire cooks things.

    • Our third born is the entertainer! If he sees someone laugh at something he does or says he will keep doing it as long as it works. He spends most of his time keeping up with the big kids and getting them to include him in their games.

  • When we were expecting our second child, everyone warned us that even if our firstborn was excited about the new baby, in a few weeks he'd be jealous and lose that enthusiasm. But that never happened. With both babies the sibling love was there from day one and never dimmed.

  • With all the love they already have for each other, when we talked to the kids about adoption they were thrilled at the idea of a new baby brother or sister. When I started putting away the toys and clothing that the toddler had outgrown, they made sure that we were putting them away to be safe until their new baby could use them.

The big kids have been amazing with their little brother since he was born! They are so excited for a new sibling!

A Day in Our Life:

    • Our days start with cuddles, and all the kids find their way into the pile before getting ready for the day.

    • Tooth-brushing, showers, getting dressed, and making lunches! We are all rushing to get our lunches, bags, and out the door, but we always take time for breakfast, and the kids love to clear their own bowls.

    • Matt takes the oldest to school on the way to his office and picks him up on the way home.

    • Debra takes the little ones to preschool and heads home to work from her home office.

    • When Debra is done with work she whips up a quick dinner and picks up the little ones.

    • We all eat dinner together and then the oldest does homework, the middle does OT, and the toddler plays.

    • We make sure everyone has time to unwind, usually get a little tv, and then head up to get into pajamas.

    • Everyone tries to fit onto Daddy's lap for story time, and then one by one get into their beds.

    • Debra tidies up, brings everyone waters and comes in to read or sing.

    • And then....sleep!

So much of our time together is spent cuddling! It helps the early morning feel like the most special part of our day!

We have put in many hours pushing kids on swings and hope for many more!

We really love to spend time together and even the formal pictures end up fun!

Even simple home cooked meals eaten together mean we can take a break from our busy lives to connect as a family.

The kids love to get involved!

Reading is important in our family and each kid has favorite books.

Daddy does the best voices. Mommy likes the rhyming books best!

our family

  • We are raising our kids in a warm, family oriented community, that values making the world a better place.

  • All our parents and siblings are nearby and we have family get-togethers and trips all the time. We often take trips to Gramps' cottage in Pennsylvania to get away from the city for a few days and enjoy the outdoors.

  • Our children will have a strong support structure that begins with us, moves on to some amazing and supporting grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, great aunts and uncles, multiple levels of cousins, and many family and friends who span many cultures, religions, and outlooks.

  • You, as your child's first parent, are also family to all of us. We understand the desire to stay in touch to assure yourself that your child is well taken care of. We are committed to continuing communication and an ongoing relationship.

Grammy's favorite activity is the park. She is looking forward to another baby to join the fun!

Gramps is a fixture in our lives and hopes for a new grandchild who loves his songs and stories as much as the ones he entertains now.

Meemaw and Grampa love to babysit and just spend weekends hanging out with the whole family. They can't wait to welcome another grandchild!

Aunty is like a second mother to Debra. She was Debra's mother's best friend and has loved watching her family grow!

A normal Saturday spent choosing stickers.

Band Practice with Grampa!

Family trips are a huge part of our lives. We like to keep busy and share great experiences with our children.

Our favorite activities revolve around the water so we made swim lessons a top priority!

Every year the kids wait for the first big snow day so we can build snowmen!

We have busy lives, so we make sure that we get plenty of down time too! We love going on vacation, especially if there is sun, sand, and water!

There's Mommy and Daddy always trying to keep up!

And they always come out ahead!

These kids are always up for silliness and we try to give them all the love and support we can!

The one things we've learned about our family is "the more the merrier".



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We cannot imagine the difficult decisions you are facing, but we know that you are searching for the best choice for your child. We hope that you will consider us to be partners in your journey. We will love your child and give him or her the best life that we can, in a supportive, caring, and diverse home.