Find Your Flow…Simplify Your Life

I’ll share my SMART ways to take SHORT cuts to have more time, space and energy each and (almost) everyday. No matter what age or stage you are currently in.

With my diversified background as a military wife, mother, home educator, caregiver, grandmother, and entrepreneur I’ll show how to have more time, space and energy each and (almost) everyday. My clients often refer to me as their “Fairy Godmother” of productivity. I can make your life “simply brilliant!” 
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Healthy Start

Learn how to become more self reliant using natural options for your health and wellness. I’ll share the products and resources I use to keep myself and my family sleeping better, improving digestion and reducing stress. Join me to learn natural solutions using the newest doTERRA products. I'll help you be prepared to keep you and yours feeling your best day in and day out. 

Healthy Habits

The best way to take charge of your wellness is by building habits. Every day, we make choices that either contribute to or take away from overall health. Zoom on over to learn natual solutions to improve nutrition & digestion, metabolism, sleep, stress management and ways to reduce toxicity with Certified Pure Tested Grade® doTERRA essential oils.

Emotional Aromatherapy

The DoTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Touch line contains six unique essential oil blends for convenient and gentle topical application. These proprietary blends....Cheer, Console, Forgive, Motivate, Passion and Peace.... provide health benefits for the entire family and an be applied every day to help balance and brighten your changing moods. 

Paper Organizing Co-Working

This  non-judgemental session will help you to create systems to maintain your daily incoming and action paper or essential reference papers consistently.

Box Office: These tools are priceless! They will keep all your active household/business paperwork under control. Gone are the days of frantic searching for missing tickets, schedules, documents and to do lists. 

Financial Binder: Having the details of all things financial handy when you need them is a stress-buster for you and anyone who needs to advise, account or represent you financially.  

Medical Binder: Do you or a loved one need well organized medical information quickly available for medical professionals? Emergency room staff members have actually cried with joy to see this handed to them. Literally a LIFE SAVER!

Home Reference Binder: Keep track of all the home details, improvements, expenses, paint colors, yard and garden info and so much more! This binder is a blessing to your significant other or your realtor when selling. You'll have all have all the answers they need to program the thermostat, repair appliances or sell for top dollar.

Family Activities Binder: Organize all the family's activities. It's a perfect place to keep track of cleaning schedules, meal plans, as well as clubs, activities, holidays and vacations. It's a priceless reference from year to year to know what gifts were given, where you stayed on that great vacation and what's the dog's medications. 

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SMARTcut® Organizing
Meals Simplified Class

One of the smartest of all SMARTcuts is to create a functional meal plan. If you are weary of hearing (or thinking) "What's for dinner?" you won't want to miss this workshop! Come learn how I've mastered meals. This workshop includes:

90 Minute live class via Zoom. (link in confirmation email) Meals Simplified PDF - for step by step directions and my personal Recipe Collection PDF- 30+ meals ready in 15 minutes or less. 

Zoom link is in the confirmation email. E-guides delivered in the zoom chat. 

SMARTcut® Organizing
Preparedness Simplified 

A manageable, concise resource to guide your family's preparations for "unexpected events." This workshop series will help you get started without brain fog or breaking the bank. Based on the $20+20 minutes approach to step by step preps for unexpected events. One hour virtual class includes digital PDF e-guide so you can have all the "cliff note details" available in hard copy. We highly recommend printing the e-guide! 

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SMARTcut® Organizing
Kitchen Simplified 

Could you use some professional guidance to reorganize your kitchen to improve functionality? Such a great feeling to "update" without breaking the bank. Let Debbye's years of experience setting up effective work areas in her own and countless clients' kitchens internationally. Limited availability for on-site/in person organizing, too! 

Zoom link is in the confirmation email. E-guide delivered in the zoom chat.