I am a research associate working with Prof. Eric Lauga in the Biological Physics & Mechanics group at Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, located in picturesque Cambridge. I am also a member of the postdoctoral society at Trinity College, Cambridge.

On a broad level, my interest lies in decoding the mysteries in nature fuelled by curious observation. Specifically, these interests include problems in complex fluids, microfluidics, multiphase flows, electrohydrodynamics, active matter, microorganisms locomotion. Most of my work is motivated by simple observations in nature or experiments in laboratory that can be explained by the help of applied mathematics and numerical simulations.

You can find more details of my work in the research and publications page. Please feel free to drop me an email for potential collaborations, discussing interesting projects and ideas or if you have any comments on my research work.

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Conferences and Workshops (* -attending)

*23 Nov, 2019: 72nd Annual Meeting of APS DFD, Seattle, WA, USA.

*10 Nov, 2019: 19th Annual AIChe Meeting, Orlando, FL, USA.

*21 Oct, 2019: Fluid Physics of Life , MPI PKS, Dresden, Germany.

*15 Sep, 2019: Stokes 200 Symposium, University of Cambridge, UK.

*16 Jul, 2019: 8th International Symposium on Bifurcations and Instabilities in Fluid Dynamics, Limerick, Ireland.

*02 Jul, 2019: Advanced School of Soft Matter "Solutions in the Summer", Maxwell Center, Cambridge, UK.

*25 Jan, 2019: Physics and Physiology of Motile Cilia, Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany.

*15 Oct, 2018: 55th Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science, Madrid, Spain.

*27 Aug, 2018: Active matter and non-equilibrium statistical physics, Les Houches School of Physics, France.

09 Sep, 2018: 12th European Fluid Mechanics Conference, Vienna, Austria.

*16 Jul, 2018: Current topics in active fluids: theory and experiments, Imperial College, London, UK.

*19 Nov, 2017: 70th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, Denver, Colorado, USA.

*24 Sep, 2017: Complex Motion in Fluids , Cambridge, UK.

*22 Aug, 2017: Growth form and self-organisation, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK.

*11 Jul, 2017: UK Fluids Network SIG Biologically Active Fluids meeting in honour of John Blake, Birmingham, UK.