Welcome to Detroit!

We are so excited to have our family and friends come from all over to celebrate our marriage. Thank you.

Tips for Navigating the City

Getting around: Detroit  is a wonderful city with a walkable downtown. Our venue is right at the intersection of the riverfront and Dequidre cut, two walkways that are not accessible by car. Lyft and Uber is accessible from the airport and venue.  The People Mover and Q line are sometimes free and help you get around Downtown and Midtown.  If you need help with rides, please contact Rae or Deborah and we will assign you a buddy for navigating the city. 

Staying safe: As with any major downtown, you need to be aware of your surroundings and responsible with your possessions.  If you feel a vibe probably skip whatever gave it to you.  Detroiters have mean faces, but kind hearts.  Detroit is on an international border with Canada, every resident will tell you about the time they almost or actually accidentally crossed the border please don't make your own story, also don't doordash food from Windsor.

Hotels:  There are quite a few hotels in the area of the venue. Some are even walking distance. We made a little list of our top choices, but please feel free to choose what suits your needs and comfort level, if you want guidance just give us a call. Greektown Hotel is around 200 a night, and right above a casino and nice street with lots of good food.  Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center is around 200-300 a night, it is in the headquarters of General Motors which is an incredibly secure and self sustaining building with the best views in all of Detroit and Windsor, It has a sister hotel across the street that is a little cheaper and also in a self contained building, it has an Ihop but not as good views. Fort Pontchartrain a Wyndham Hotel is around 150 a night, it is historic and has great views.  Comfort inn Downtown is around $125  a night, it is very close to the venue and the opposite direction of Downtown.


COFFEE (and Desserts)

Sights and Sounds

Fall Activities