Pre-Summit Options

Google Certification Prep

Our one day Certification preparation course helps prepare you to complete the certification process. Find out more about Google certifications and exams by visiting

  • Test taking tips and tricks
  • Exam resources
  • Review GET (Google Education Trainer) Application

Google for Leaders and Instructional Facilitators with Tyler Tarver

How can you streamline your workflow as an instructional leader? How do you model innovative tools with your staff? This sessions will assist you in using Google tools in all aspects of leading teachers, buildings, and/or districts? The following will be discussed:

  • Google Forms for data collection
  • Google Drive for collaborative work and presentations
  • Google Chrome to automate your tasks
  • ...And Even more!

1:1 iPads From Beginning to Apple Distinguished School by Chad Brinkley with

Apple Classroom Practices by Mark McDougal with Apple

This interactive session will discuss the journey of South Pike County School District becoming a 1:1 iPad district. From having no devices, to becoming an Apple Distinguished School, we will discuss the elements essential to building a successful implementation. Topics will include, shared vision, community support, infrastructure, key stakeholders and buy-in, sustainability, model classrooms, training of faculty and students, policies and procedures, financing and more. Learn about to use your iPads with Apple Classroom to maximize student engagement and learning outcomes.

Googleverse for Educators - A Beginner's Journey

Our one day course will help you become familiar with the core suite of GAFE Apps and learn to manage and maximize the use of the Chrome browser.

  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Drive
  • Docs, Sheets, Forms, Drawing, Slides
  • Sites
  • G+, Communities, Hangouts

Drone - DJI Spark

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and their applications are one of the fastest growing job markets in the world. Agriculture, construction, disaster relief/preparedness and insurance sectors are using drone technology to increase farming yield, public safely and other uses. CTE programs in Agriculture, JROTC, technology and public safety are are highly encouraged to attend this 6 hour training. Participants will receive a Mavic Pro Drone made by DJI (the Apple of the drone industry) with the Fly More Combo Pack (extra battery and accessories), training on how to fly, pedagogy for how to infuse this into classrooms and practical applications that will lead to jobs for your students. In addition to the training and equipment you are eligible to attend 3 days of follow up training at the NEA Coop in Walnut Ridge (TBA). The follow up will be more training on Part 107 if you are interested in getting the license to fly commercial.

Cost: $2500, this includes:

Mavic Pro Drone Fly More Combo (7km range, 27 min fly time per battery)

Extra battery , Carrying case, Accessories, 6 hours training, Arkansas PD hours, 3 follow up days at NEA Coop (included in price, no extra fee)

Endless ways to engage students with STEM!

Agenda at a glance:

9:00 - Meet Chief McGuirt and introduce yourself to your UAV

10:30 - Go outside and fly! With help from Westside AFJROTC


1:00 - Info on FAA Part 107

2:00 More flying until the batteries run out!

3:00 Closing

Extra Info: You do not have to have a license to fly as a hobbyist or educational instructor.

ADE and CTE highly encourage you to take the FAA Part 107 test to become a licensed commercial use pilot.

CTE will pay for students to take the exam just like any other industry certification.

There are many levels of student engagement in the industry

Entry level jobs such as flying for power companies to inspect power lines average $65 per electrical pole for inspection.

Entry level and engineering level uses range from collecting data on moisture levels of soil to precision mapping and surveying.

Engineering level drone repair and modification.

Presenter Bio

Chief Master Sgt. Mike McGuirt is the NCO of the Westside High School AFJROTC program in Jonesboro. Chief has been working with high school students and UAV’s since 2015. He is a accomplished presenter and trainer ranking in the top 1% of NCO Airmen.