Dear Kid...

Suggestions from people who've lived a little longer...

Whether you're trying to find your calling in life or just something interesting to do, this site offers a wide variety of starting points.

As you'll see below, this site makes use of an app called TheBrain, which you can learn about here (it looks better on a big screen; phones don't have enough screen room).

Our working assumption is that we're all born curious, looking for our role in life.

Our observation is that many of the institutions and social norms we take for granted, like the compulsory education system, are designed from a basic mistrust of kids. Routing around that is where the fun is.

With that, click on the three screen caps below for:

  • A heaping portion of Life Advice (for older young folk)
  • Challenges for Kids (for younger young folk, or the adults they care for)
  • Articles about Unschooling (for all contemplating stepping out of School)

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