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Scenery Nightlife and Wildlife Ecuador Has it All

Ecuador is the place for anyone that wants a vacation that is an adventure rather than just a stop at the beach. It is a country with a long and vibrant past and it offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. There are very few places that give nature lovers more to appreciate than Ecuador.

See Something Unique

Many vacation packages include a galapagos special deal. The Galapagos Islands are a collection of about 19 protected islands and are a World Heritage site because of the unusual species of animals on the stunningly scenic islands. Natural predators do not exist in the Galapagos, so there are very few places where people will meet wildlife as easily as they do here. The seas around the islands are a favorite to divers because they are also full of marine life.

Amazing Weather Conditions

Ecuador has a very favorable climate. The temperatures stay warm enough for outdoor activities without too many temperature extremes. The location of Ecuador is the reason for their pleasant climate because it is at the center of the globe. Being directly on the equator also means it gets more daylight than other areas. The climate is varied across the country so those who enjoy a specific type of weather, like hot sunshine for hitting the beach or the occasional rainy day, should choose their region carefully.

Stunning Natural Geography

Ecuador has volcanoes, rainforests, mountains and more. Many ecuador lodges sit within some of these naturally stunning areas so they make a convenient base for exploring the countryside. The lodges offer a lot of luxurious amenities, great food, and well-appointed rooms, so there is no reason to feel that sightseeing must mean roughing it.

Vibrant City Life

People that want a combination of quiet exploration and raucous nightlife can stay at one of the highly-rated hotels in the cities. Shopping and dining options are plentiful in the populated areas and plenty of bars and nightclubs offer excitement after dark. Beach towns also have open-air bars and cafes, so the sandy shores are always in sight.

Ecuador is a friendly, safe and fun place for couples or families to visit. There is no currency exchange to worry about because the country uses the U.S. dollar. The country even has an airline that offers non-stop flights from New York.