De Smet to Miller Monday June 4

(77 miles)

Wear your 2017 Jersey!!

Text "RASDAK" to (605) 269-0943 to receive weather emergencies and other significant info throughout the week

We will continue on highway 14 and travel across the James River Valley. This is the land that inspired Harvey Dunn, one of South Dakota’s greatest painters, as he grew up near Manchester. This is also the route that John E. Miller wrote about in, “Looking for History on Highway 14.” We will visit Huron, home of South Dakota’s State Fair and the world’s largest pheasant. Our route will then jog north around the Wessington Hills before we turn west again and finish the day at Miller. Miller is the start of cowboy country, and we will be treated to some western hospitality!

Breakfast (5:30-7:00am CDT) De Smet Event and Wellness Center

The United Youth Group will be serving breakfast burritos, fresh fruit and juices (fundraiser for Boston summer mission trip).

Manchester (mile 9) No rest stop – point of interest

Birthplace of Harvey Dunn, one of SD's greatest painters. The SD Art Museum, which was a stop on Sunday, houses 140 of his greatest works, including his most famous, "The Prairie is My Garden". Manchester does have one other claim to fame, unfortunately. The deepest and fastest pressure drop ever recorded happened here during a 2003 F4 tornado. Luckily there was no loss of life, but there was nothing left of the town and it remains abandoned.

Iroquois (mile 15) Cundy’s Corner convenience store (Sweep 9:00)

Cavour (mile 24) Cavour Store convenience store (Sweep 10:00)

James River Valley

Monday will be spent in the James River valley. The James River is considered by many to be the longest non-navigable river in the world. The river drops 5" per mile. Occasionally it will even flow backwards near Huron, where we will be crossing the James. We'd also add that if you hate hills, you will love Monday.

Huron (mile 32) World’s Largest Pheasant rest stop (Sweep 11:00) Boy Scouts and Chamber of Commerce

Wolsey (mile 47) 281 Travel Store (Sweep 1:00)

LUNCH STOP -- Wessington (mile 62) Sunset Bar and Grill (Sweep 3:00) Ham, beef and turkey Subs and made to order

St Lawrence (mile 75) Willie’s Bar and Grill (Sweep 4:00) Taco bar

Rasdakians are going to have a lot of fun at this place. It's only 2 miles from our destination of Miller and will be well worth the stop. Visited with the owner and they are normally closed on Monday, but they are opening up for us. They have a wonderful back area, and will have music playing, and bean bag boards, and horseshoes as well!

Miller (mile 77)

Miller High School (indoor/outdoor camping)

5:00 pm CDT Mass (led by Father Zimmer, a RASDak cyclist) St Ann Parish (709 E 4th). All are welcome to attend.

5:30pm CDT Dinner (Miller High School Commons) Meal put on by McWhorter Museum (pork loin sandwiches, salads, chips) Veggie burgers will be available for vegetarians.

  • Mid-way Drive-in Theater movie: “Miracle Season” about the true story of an Iowa high school volleyball team that overcame great sadness and went on to win a State Championship. Lawn chairs provided. Movie starts approximately 30 minutes after sunset. Concessions available. Tickets are $6.

Tuesday morning breakfast (5:30am CDT) Miller High School Commons