Dynamics Days Europe

Dynamics Days Europe is a series of major international conferences founded in the 1980's that provides a European forum for developments in the applications of and theory for dynamics. More than fourty years, it has been bringing together researchers from a wide range of backgrounds including physics, biology, engineering and mathematics for interdisciplinary research in nonlinear science. We welcome proposals and suggestions for future locations to hold Dynamics Days Europe.

There are also US and Asia-Pacific Dynamics Days conferences.

Other Events:

XLII. Dynamics Days 2022 : August 22-26, 2022 in Aberdeen, Scotland.

XLIII. Dynamics Days 2023 : September 03-08, 2023 in Naples, Italy.

Proposals for future Dynamics Days Conferences should be submitted to the chair of the International Advisory Board until the end of the pre-preceding year.

Last edited 8/6/2022