Nic Mills Nov 16,17 2019

DC Yoshinkan Dojo Proudly Hosts Nic Mills Shihan 7th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido!


Nov 16th

Lesson 1 - 1:00 PM ~ 1:50 PM

Lesson 2 - 2:00 PM ~ 2:50 PM

Lesson 3 - 3:00 PM ~ 3:50 PM

Lesson 4 - 4:00 PM ~ 4:50 PM

Nov 17th

Lesson 5 - 1:00 PM ~ 1:50 PM

Lesson 6 - 2:00 PM ~ 2:50 PM

Lesson 7 - 3:00 PM ~ 3:50 PM

Lesson 8 - 4:00 PM ~ 4:50 PM

Price for 1 lesson - $15.00

Price for 1 whole day - $50.00

Price for the whole seminar - $80.00

About Nic Mills (taken from the Sendokan website:

Sensei Nic Mills was recommended by Mustard Shihan and Sonoda Shihan to be promoted to 7th Dan and to be awarded the title of Shihan (Master Instructor) in the fall of 2017. The Honbu Dojo grading council approved the recommendation at the bi-annual grading council meeting in June 2018. Mills Shihan is the dojocho (chief instructor) at the Sendokan dojo. Nic has been active in martial arts for over 45 years. He started Judo at age 8 and competed in wrestling in high school, and began training in aikido in 1989 with Roger Plomish sensei (4th dan), under whom he earned his 1st degree black belt in 1993. In 1994 Nic moved to Japan and enrolled in the 4th International Senshusei course, an intensive and demanding full-time aikido program taught by some of the top ranked aikido teachers in the world. The course is a requirement for Japanese riot police and for instructors at the Hombu Dojo, the head school for Yoshinkan Aikido in Tokyo. Nic completed the course and in recognition of his commitment, ability, and the respect he earned from instructors at the Hombu, Nic was awarded the position of Seiwanin (liaison) in 1995 and Itaku Shidoin (part-time instructor) from 1996-1997. While in Japan Nic trained with several top instructors, including Inoue Kyoichi Shihan (10th dan), Chida Tsutomu Shihan (8th dan), and Robert Mustard Shihan (7th dan). Nic’s black belt ranks were awarded by Inoue, Chida, and Mustard Shihan, and he holds instructor certificates from the International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation (IYAF).

Together with John Havey (5th dan), Nic founded the Sendokan dojo in 1998. Nic is involved in all aspects of training at the Sendokan dojo, including youth, family, and adult classes, weapons, defensive applications, and self-defence. In addition, Nic also teaches the Kenshusei or advanced classes, including the three-level specialized Senshusei Kenshu which is an intensive program that is unique to the Sendokan dojo. This program is designed for those interested in becoming instructors or in becoming more involved in developing their expertise and commitment to training and teaching.

Nic is an avid outdoorsman, and in his spare time enjoys extensive camping trips and time with his family in the Great Outdoors!

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