Come Join Us!

Membership has its privilege

Join the Democratic Club of West Orange County

Join us to stay informed, empower yourself, get involved and become an active Democrat in your community, and help create positive change. We work to register voters, and have informational lectures, political workshops, and help in campaigns.

Why should I become a member?

Membership has its benefits. With more members it increases our voice and gives us considerably more impact on the policies and candidates within the Democratic Party.

  • Support down ballot Democrats running for city councils, school boards, and water districts.

  • Represent the club to vote for delegates to the state party.

  • Become a delegate to CA DEM and the DNC national convention,.

  • Chair a DCWOC committee.

  • Participate is candidate screening prior to endorsement.

  • Receive discounted ticket pricing for DCWOC events.

  • Advance notice of special events.

  • Provides a reliable voter base and support when seeking a position on Central Committee.

  • Receive discounted ticket pricing for most DCWOC events.

  • Advance notice of special events.

Our all-volunteer club members are truly the heartbeat of our club! They provide the much needed support for:

  • Voter registration

  • Endorsed candidates support

  • precinct walking

  • Phone banking

  • Monthly meeting networking

  • Guest speakers

  • Supporting Democratic activities in the area

Join, Renew or Donate Online (easiest & preferred method)

Membership is effective for one year, from date we receive your payment, and is not due for renewal for one calendar year.

Annual Dues

Benefactor $75

Patron $60

Family $50

Individual $30

Senior/Student $20

To join as a new member, renew your annual dues, or donate to the club go to our secure account on Act Blue. This is the easiest and most convenient way to pay your dues.

Act Blue (Credit Card is required)

We are grateful and thankful for any amount that you donate above and beyond the membership fee.

Want to Pay by Check? (New Member and Renewal)

If you want to write us a check instead of using the online option above follow these 3 steps:

  1. Download and print our Membership Application. Fill it out and be sure provide the SEC mandatory information.

  2. Write check for dues payable to DCWOC. We are grateful and thankful for any amount that you donate above and beyond the membership fee.

  3. Attach check to Membership Form and mail to:
    P.O. Box 20036
    Fountain Valley CA 92728

Note, you are also more than welcomed to pay by check at any of our events or monthly meetings .

For clarification or questions regarding membership contact Phil Silverthorn, 2nd Vice President at or 310.871.2083