ABC of Arts

ABC of Arts - Age 6 - 13

Students will continue reinforcing their knowledge and approaching more challenging paintings, applying more complex concepts of Art

They will learn to explore and apply more complex concepts of Art such as:

​​ Color Theory and Composition: Rule of thirds, hue, values and temperature by working on paintings where the concept will be discusses and applied.

Collage: Students will observe, cut, glue and develop a project and at the same time will strength their fine motor skills.

The Brush Stroke. The students will learn the proper way to handle a brush to achieve the right stroke, to render the illusion they want to create: flat washes, gradated washes, aerial, perspective.

The World at a Glance. The students will be exposed to art around the world and base on observation and memory to detail we will create similar projects.

After the Old Masters. Students will study and create artwork in the style of famous artist like Van Gogh, Monet, etc.

Sculpture a three dimensional project. Students will work with wire, paper mache, and clay to create sculptures to understand the volume as a third dimension. Develop Art related Language, and Sense of achievement and Pride.